"I purchased a CK3 and when it arrived, I was amazed on how easy the assembly went.  My husband and I have been using it every day and we love it.  Thanks a lot Hot Wind Sauna."
- Laura K.
"Thank you for taking the time to discuss the different types of saunas and help me pick the right sauna for me.  I have used the sauna for 2 weeks now and I know that I bought the right one."
- Kimberly E
"I want to tell you how helpful you were when I had some questions about the assembly and use of the D2.  Thanks again."
- Marcia H.
"I work in construction and I can’t tell you how good I feel after I come home from work and sit in the sauna.  I used to come home from work and my whole body ached.  After I use the sauna my body feels so much better.  I wish I would have had one a long time ago."
- Richardo T
"I have a mild case of arthritis in my knees and hands.  Most mornings especially when it is cold, I would have some stiffness in my knees and hands.  When I use my sauna in the mornings the stiffness goes away.  I can’t tell you how much it helps my activity during the day."
- Jerry P.
"I can never wait to get home from work and use my sauna.  I feel so relaxed and stress free."
- Josanne Y 
"I run 3 miles every morning.  I use the sauna after every run as part of my workout to relax muscles and expel toxins.  I feel better than ever with the use of my sauna.  I would recommend your saunas to everyone who works out."
- Dave R