Hotwind Features

controlpanelnewSoft Touch Controls

The digital controller with digital LED display is easy to operate, and will allow you to quickly and easily set your infrared sauna session. Time can be set from 1 to 60 minutes, and temperature from 64º-140ºF. When the temperature reaches your preset limit, the heaters will automatic turn off and on periodically to maintain the desired temperature. Displays in either Celsius or Fahrenheit.


heatersCeramic Infrared Heater – in certain models

Energy efficiency, high strength, safety, and long life are some of the advantages of a 100% pure ceramic heater. The pure ceramic tube makes the wavelength of far infrared rays closely that of the human body, so that can be absorbed easily.


carbonfiberCarbon Fiber Heater – in certain models

Your body is made of carbon and water, so the infrared spectrum from our new Carbon Fiber heaters more closely match that of your body – for easier absorption. And because the Carbon Fiber panels have a lower surface temperature, we are able to more efficiently surround you for a warm, comfortable, therapeutic sauna session.


stereoCD/FM/AM Stereo

All Hotwind models come with CD/FM/AM player, hooked up the stereo speakers installed in the panel of the sauna.



Oxygen Ionizer

Releases negative ions to purify the air, and dispenses natural floral fragrances to enhance mood and help stimulate relaxation. Style may vary.



temperedglassTempered Glass Windows

Don’t settle for plastic or Lexan windows. All Hotwind sauna models come with tempered glass for the windows. Also we use non-toxic glues (water based) for construction of the sauna.



innerlockInnerlock Latching System

Your sauna will come with a fast and east wall connection that requires no tools to assemble. No screws to lose, simple and secure. Latch style varies with sauna series.



ledlightLED Lighting System

High quality halogen or LED exterior light is included for your convenience.



Reading Light

High quality halogen or LED reading light is included for your convenience.




You are able to allow for air circulation inside the sauna. This is not possible in traditional Rock sauna models. The ceiling vent can be closed, the floor vent (available on certain models) can be covered with a towel when not desired.


Our saunas are packed with care and shiped with constant consideration of damage. As you can see, our saunas have sheets protected each end, and sturdy 2X4s holdings the crate together. Ding this reduces damage, and ensure that we can get your sauna to you intact – the first time !