What model year is this sauna? 2010, 2011?

All of our saunas are this year’s saunas – they were just built at the factory and shipped to our US facility. Saunas do not have “model years” like cars – don’t believe the hype when someone tells you they have a model “newer” than ours. It’s simply not true.

Where are the Hot Wind Infrared Saunas made?

They are made in China. We are the US importer for them; we are an American company based in Illinois.

From what wood are the Infrared Saunas made?

Our indoor saunas are made from Hemlock; the outdoor saunas are made from Burmese Fir. As a natural wood product, there may be knots, color variations, and even small cracks in the wood. This is a natural part of the drying process that occurs in wood, especially where heat is involved, as in a sauna. These things are normal in a natural wood sauna.

What is the thickness of the sidewall panel wood?

Each wooden panel for the sides, front and back, is about 5mm or .22 inches. Other manufacturers get by with a much thinner wooden panel, some as thin as 3mm. We feel that this is much too thin and is not as structurally sound as our thicker panel.

How hot does an infrared sauna get? For how long should I sit in it?

140° Fahrenheit. This can vary depending on your ambient room temperature, but 140° is the normal “high”. You should not use it for longer than 90 minutes. We have also found that your input voltage can also affect the actual temperature. Lower input voltage can cause the sauna to not reach full potential temperature.

How much electricity does an infrared sauna use?

You can operate an infrared sauna for just a few cents per session. They are quite energy efficient.

Can my children use the infrared sauna?

If they are supervised at all times, yes. The sauna can get very hot and people, especially little ones, can become dehydrated. CHILDREN SHOULD NOT USE AN INFRARED SAUNA UNSUPERVISED.